Re: Germany question II (Wo zhen hu tu)

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Posted by / Absender le petit nez (No email given on 02.Jul 2005 um 16:16:58:

In Reply to: Re: Germany question II (Wo zhen hu tu) posted by yi ge ben dan on 01.Jul 2005 um 13:52:58:

It costs at least 500 Euro per semester for new students.

I would like to reply on you about the latest arguments here. Hopefully it is easier for you to find it.

With regards to "dui niu tan qin" you are totally right. The end of that discussion was not "see the histories", but "I know MY culture better than you." One can not talk about what he doesnt know or prove he knows better. I thought an open discussion is good, at least one has opptunity to show his bias, then to be corrected. Perhaps it is just an Utope.

I dont have any bias against German. I see both good people and bad people here and I ask how it comes. Surely I have my opinion based on my culture. Perhaps it can be also called "bias". Who can say I see what I dont see...It is already a new repeat of dui niu tan qin.

P.S: Your Chinese is super, respect!

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