Re: a question about Germany

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Posted by / Absender a chinese (No email given on 02.Jul 2005 um 00:58:32:

In Reply to: Re: a question about Germany posted by le petit nez on 25.Jun 2005 um 11:28:25:

yes. I agree with you, whether we are happy or not, nobody cares about it. The Germans needed us only long before,that is after the war they did need many workforce to rebuild their country. And now many Germans have no work, so more and more of them are in bad mood to see foreigners.
But I don't think there will be racial discrimination policy against Chinese. China is now very strong and one of the United Nations. Germany needs China's help to become a member too. And Germany is always watched over by the world because of its guilt in the war.
Do you agree?

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