Re: Arbeitserlaubnis in China?

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Posted by / Absender Jelly (jellyqin AT on 16.Nov 2004 um 15:05:38:

In Reply to: Arbeitserlaubnis in China? posted by dc on 16.Nov 2004 um 11:09:02:


Hier sind die Informationen,aber auf Englisch.
wenn du noch Probleme hast,kannst du mir fragen.

Article 7 Any foreigner seeking employment in China shall meet the following conditions:
(1) 18 years of age or older and in good health;
(2) with professional skills and job experience required for the work of intended employment;
(3) with no criminal record;
(4) a clearly-defined employer;
(5) with valid passport or other international travel document in lieu of the passport (hereinafter referred to as the "Travel Document")
Article 8 Foreigner seeking employment in China shall hold the Employment Visas for their entry (In case of agreement for mutual exemption of visas, the agreement shall prevail.), and may work within Chinese territory only after they obtain the Employment Permit for Foreigner (hereinafter referred to as the "Employment Permit") and the foreigner residence certificate.
Foreigners who have not been issued residence certificate (i.e. holders of F, L, C or G type visas), and those who are under study or interim programs in China and the families of holders of Employment Visas shall not work in China. In special cases, employment may be allowed when the foreigner changes his status at the public security organs with the Employment License secured by his employer in accordance with the clearance procedures, under these Rules foreigners changes his status at the public security organs with the Employment License and receives his Employment Permit and residence certificate.

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