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General Rules for the usage of Musictrade.net

  • It is prohibited to download, copy, manipulate, duplicate, rent, publish, alter, or transfer to another data carrier or to use in any other unauthorized way the information (text, graphics, etc.) available on the Musictrade.net server. Excepted is the right to download, save, and print information for members and for private use. The rights hereby defined cannot be transferred, rented, or lent.
  • Everybody is allowed to search Musictrade.net, including general search engines in the sense of major search engines and metacrawlers.
  • By successfully establishing the connection to Musictrade.net you agree with these rules of usage.
  • All Information in Musictrade.net Databases is provided and updated by the members themselves. It is prohibited to publish any material of immoral or illegal contents.
  • We cannot guarantee in any legal sense the completeness, topicality, or correctness of information, recommendations, etc. of the data supplied by the users.

Membership and fees

  • Musictrade.net membership is the basis for publishing offers or search requests.
  • PROMO: If you register before 31st of December 1999, the first half-year of membership is free.
  • Membership fee on a half-year-basis with Musictrade.net is 25,00 DM for private users and  75,00 DM for commercial customers.
  • your membership fee is due after successfully applying for username and password, latest with entering data in Musictrade.net. Please transfer your fee within 7 days to the bank account below. Don't forget to mention your username, so we know its you.

Wolfgang Odendahl,
Stadtsparkasse Köln
Kontonummer: 20682092
BLZ : 37050198

  • Musictrade.net will not send any bills or invoices, except for commercial customers on special request.
  • Membership duration will be counted from the day of first entering data in our databases.
  • Should the member default on his payment or should it be deferred, Musictrade.net may charge reasonable interest payable on arrears as well as the costs which arise due to the collection of the arrears. In case of arrears, Musictrade.net may defer the further connection of that member to our databases and delete data already entered by that member. For future membership, Musictrade.net may demand prepay.
  • If you offer anything for sale or exchange, you will be obliged to give that item away for the value you demanded to the first person willing to trade.
  • Every member of Musictrade.net may enter offers in our databases by using the predefined forms.
  • If an offer is out of date (i.e. if you sell or trade that item), the offering member will have to delete that entry immediately.
  • Membership will not be automatically prolongued. Once membership duration is over and no new payment is made in time, Musictrade.net may delete all items entered by that member.
  • Should there be a breakdown leading to temporary interruption of the online service and thus the publication of the database entries, the member has the right to an extension of the duration of his membership for the period the member's publication has been inaccessible. All other compensation claims are excluded or - in those cases in which an exclusion would contradict law - limited to the fee paid for the respective amount of time.
  • Should parts of the terms of business set down here be null and void, the effectiveness of the whole will not be affected. Deviating regulations need to be drawn up in writing. Should there be deviations due to translation between the German original of these terms of business and foreign-language versions, the German version will be considered - if obedient to law - the ruling one. German law provides the only legal frame applicable.
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